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For over 40 years, VVA has steadfastly advocated for veterans living with illnesses resulting from toxic exposures during their service.

Since that time, the list of approved “presumptive” illnesses has gradually grown, along with the number of active-duty military, veterans, and families who were exposed to toxins while serving honorably for our country. 

Our battle for healthcare and compensation for these invisible toxic wounds hasn’t faltered. We are determined to achieve justice for Vietnam veterans, alongside younger veterans, whose health has also been impacted by toxicants from their military service. 

•  Service-Connected Disability Compensation for Exposure to Agent Ora     

•  PACT Act Guidance for Vietnam, Gulf and Post 9/11 Veterans & Survivors

•  Vietnam MIA Returns Home!

•  Veterans War Veterans Day 2024 Events

The Instation of new officers for Chapter 966

The following are your new Officers for 2024-2025:

       a.  President- Bob Hall

     b.     Vice President- Don Boito

     c.     Secretary- Brian Brech

     d.     Treasurer- Mike Shapiro

The following are the Directors/State Delegates and the AVVA Representative

     e.     Directors- Mike Pusillo, Bill Carl, Bill McNeil!, and Jack Bergquist

     f.     State Delegates- Jim Ambler, Bill McNeil!, and Jack Bergquist

     g.     AWA Representative- Sandi Carl