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Our Chapter has received three notes of appreciation from the units who received the boxes sent to them while deployed.  First, our thanks to Sandi and Bill Carl for heading up the purchasing, assembling and mailing these boxes.  

Team 1 Afghanistan "We greatly appreciate the generosity and thoughtfulness and I can assure everthing will be consumed.  It means a lot to the team to have support and appreciation of folks back home.  It is a constant reminder of our mission - to protect the homeland and take the fight to the enemy.  This reminder and your thoughtfulness help bring away from those we love easier to bear, and makes us all extremely proud to serve."

Team 2 Afghanistan  "I'd like to thank you and all of the Vietnam Veterans of America for the package you recently sent me... .  It was a very welcome treat to myself and the whole team here to enjoy.  We have already begun to dig into all the great snacks you have provided.  Coincidentally it also arrived on my birthday, so it was a amazing birthday present as well."

Team 3   "I am writing to thank you very much for the care package ... sent to me and my unit.  Not only are we grateful for your thoughtfulness and support, it came at a very opportune time.  ... [we] were exposed to a COVID case and had to be isolated to our rooms and workspaces for a couple of weeks.  We were running low on snacks and coffee when your package came in and saved the day."

The Veterans Channel has HUNDREDS of hours of content for Veterans and those that love them.  Not just entertaining movies and informational documentaries, but content designed to be therapeutic for all of our Heroes.

The Veterans Channel is committed to supporting the men and women that have heroically protected and defended this country.  So much so that we are going to be donating 50% of all of the membership fees to Veterans Charities, EVERY MONTH.

The Veterans Channel is only $4.99 a month, or $49.99 annually, and half of everything we receive will be donated, EVERY MONTH.

You'll notice that we constantly capitalize the word Veteran.  That is on purpose.  We feel that those that have sacrificed so much for our country deserve, AT THE VERY LEAST, that amount of formality and respect.

Go to and sign up today.  PLEASE let your friends and loved ones, Veterans and civilians alike, know about The Veterans Channel and help us support great causes every month.  Please share this with your organizations and contacts.

The Veterans Channel

For over 40 years, VVA has steadfastly advocated for veterans living with illnesses resulting from toxic exposures during their service.

Since that time, the list of approved “presumptive” illnesses has gradually grown, along with the number of active-duty military, veterans, and families who were exposed to toxins while serving honorably for our country. 

Our battle for healthcare and compensation for these invisible toxic wounds hasn’t faltered. We are determined to achieve justice for Vietnam veterans, alongside younger veterans, whose health has also been impacted by toxicants from their military service. 

VVA Resources:

     •  Service-Connected Disability Compensation for Exposure to Agent Orange

     •  PACT Act Guidance for Vietnam Veterans & Survivors

     •  PACT Act Guidance for Gulf War Veterans & Survivors

     •  PACT Act Guidance for Post 9/11 Veterans & Survivors